Montessori Philosophy

Focus on the whole child…

Montessori education for all children is based on the concept that learning occurs in an inquisitive, cooperative, and nurturing atmosphere. From our youngest toddlers to our independent middle-schoolers our students increase their knowledge through self-directed and teacher-initiated experiences.

Younger students learn through the manipulation of materials and through interacting with others. These meaningful experiences lead to a solid educational foundation that allows the child to transition into the abstract understanding of concepts and ideas. In each case the individual is considered as a whole. The physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and cognitive needs and interests of each child are inseparable and each is equally important.

The aim of Montessori education is to assist each child on their path to becoming autonomous, competent, responsible, adaptive citizens who are lifelong learners and problem solvers. Montessori teaches respect for oneself, others, the environment, and life as these are all skills necessary to develop a caring attitude toward all things.

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