Finding The Montessori Parents All Around You

Finding The Montessori Parents All Around You

So now that you’ve decided that Montessori is right for you and your family, your child is enrolled in a Montessori school and you are reaping the benefits of this holistic educational approach, you may want to share the wealth. But, how can you help your friends and family to know if it is right for them?

Nothing can substitute for a tour of the school and an honest discussion with a Montessori teacher about their expectations, but the process begins with you. For them, you are now the expert and the unofficial ambassador for Montessori philosophy. However, even when we follow the philosophy it’s sometimes hard to articulate all the qualities that a “Montessori Parent” embodies.

Following is a list of questions to help you help them:

Are they:

  • Supportive of an educational method that focuses on process v. product?
  • Supportive of peace education, conflict resolution, community service, and environmental education?
  • Comfortable with a curriculum that includes multiculturalism?
  • Comfortable with narrative progress reports and portfolios?
  • Comfortable with an educational method that believes children learn best through intrinsic motivation and that competition hinders learning?
  • Supportive of real-life learning situations?
  • Supportive of the belief that children learn best when they have control over their own learning?
  • Recognize that objectives are usually met in a 3 year cycle, as opposed to standardized grade levels?

If they’ve answered yes to even just a few of these basic questions encourage them to tour their local Montessori school and allow them to find out what you already know. Montessori is not just about the education of the child. It’s a commitment to educating the whole person.

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