Within every child is the desire to do, to create, and to explore their environment. These classes are designed to provide the creative spirit a place to grow freely.

For the preschooler, art provides an excellent way for children to develop their fine motor skills while expressing themselves visually.

The elementary artist learns to gain greater control over color, composition and form while continuing to develop fine motor skills.

Dr. Montessori believed that the young child has a natural power for musical expression. A child develops his or her musical potential in a stimulating musical environment. Here, students from 3-6 years old participate in an interactive program of group singing, creative movement activities, and playing xylophones and hand-held percussion instruments to the musical rhythms. Students act out the stories and characters present in the music. Orchestral instruments visit to touch, listen and explore. Original compact discs are available to extend learning to the home and the car.

Students in the elementary division participate in a weekly vocal and instrumental performance program as well as drama productions that incorporate music. Each spring, the elementary students present a multicultural-based production integrating the fine arts.