nora's picture Mrs. Yee was born in Southern China and came to the USA with her mother at the age of five to reunite with her father. She and her husband Dennis have two children, Robert and Jennifer, and two grandchildren. Nora majored in Biology at the University of Massachusetts. Her work experience is quite varied, from research at Harvard Dental School, lab and records director at South End Clinic in Boston to managing a condominium complex and sales and marketing for a cosmetics company. But it was her volunteer work at her children's school where she discovered a natural connection with children. This occurred when her family relocated to Orlando in 1979 due to a company transfer with Dennis. She met a Montessori Teacher who introduced her to Montessori. Because Nora always had a fascination with brain research and development, she was naturally interested in knowing more about Dr. Montessori's work. As fate would have it, Rollins College was offering a Montessori Training program in cooperation with St. Nicholas Montessori Training Centre of England. Naturally, she took the training course and received her certification. In 1981, she started Montessori World School (MWS) with 6 students and the school has progressively grown over the years. In 1994, she received training and certification with the American Montessori Society (AMS). Over the years, Nora has stayed current with brain and educational research through additional training along with attendance at seminars. Some of these include the Gesell Institute on school readiness evaluation, Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Learning Styles, Inclusion and more recently, Sensory Processing Disorder. Her vision for MWS “is to offer a school that adheres to Dr. Maria Montessori's methods and philosophy of education, as well as meeting the needs of children and families of today. My goal is to provide a school environment that is rich with experimental opportunities for each child; where he/she feels safe and respected and where learning takes place naturally and joyfully.” For Nora, it is not always all work and no play. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, scrap booking, HGTV and playing with her two granddaughters.