mina's picture=Mina's foundation in Montessori started as a student at Western Montessori School in California, where her mother was a director. She attended through its lower elementary program. A passionate believer in the Montessori method, Mina later taught at Western Montessori, and then went to open her own Montessori school, Fiesta Montessori, in her home. Fiesta Montessori remained open and active for five years, and even expanded to a pre-primary program, after Mina's first daughter, Emma, was born.

Shortly after her second daughter, Claire, was born, the Reales re-located to Orlando, Florida. Soon after, Mina found Montessori World School's primary program for Emma, and has been with the school ever since. She was first a parent volunteer, and then after Claire enrolled, was hired in a part time position as the school's librarian.

The school has offered many opportunities for Mina and her girls. Now she is a full time teacher, in Panther and continuing literature studies in Owl. The Panther Class is full of potential as the upper elementary students take their first steps into young adulthood. The Montessori method gives the strong foundation to meet each child's needs, and Mina will build on that foundation to make learning fun and purposeful.

She has a BA in theater from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. She loves to read, from novels to comics; take morning walks with her dogs, Snowflake and Bo; enjoys going to the beach and theme parks; and is an active volunteer with Save the Manatee Club. She also likes to add a little time to garden, do yoga, draw, write and catch up on the latest episode of Big Bang Theory.