Mariana's picture Mrs. Mariana Russo was born and raised in the city of Chernivtsi located in the Western part of the Ukraine. She lived there for twenty five years; finished high school and Medical University, where she completed the nursing program and earned a Bachelor's Degree as a Mid Wife. She worked in a hospital for almost five years. In 2006 she received an award for the best nurse in her hospital for her hard work and dedication.

Mrs. Russo has lived in Orlando since October 2007. Together with her husband they have two children, Anna and David. During the years living in Orlando she has been a stay at home mother, student of Winter Park Tech (WPT) and then Valencia College. In 2009 she received an award from the National Honor Society for Adult Education while attending WPT. Now she is continuing her education part time because of her commitment to her children and working at MWS. Mrs. Russo is taking classes at a child care training program about child growth and development, health, safety and nutrition. Mrs. Russo loves to work with children and she has volunteered for the last four years at MWS while her daughter was a student in the Sunflower and then Tiger Rooms. Mrs. Russo has been helping the students with reading and gardening. She loves nature and her favorite activity is to go for walks with her children collecting different leaves and study them under a microscope.