gary's picture Gary Moulaison is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada where he attained his undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies from Acadia University. After acting for a few years, he moved to Newfoundland and received a BS in Education from Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland. He has spent the last six years teaching grades three and four on an isolated northern native reserve in north western Ontario. Understanding the challenges of living and teaching on a native reserve was both rewarding and demanding but living in the pristine Boreal forest in northern Canada was an experience he will never forget. He is a certified Special Education Specialist. Working with underprivileged youth in the north gave him a new view on the teaching style of traditional schools and lead him towards the Montessori methodology of teaching. He trained in New Hampshire with the Seacoast Montessori Teacher Training Center and is looking forward to working with all the new students and their families here at MWS. He is passionate about theatre, teaching, and photography.