elizabeth's picture= Mrs. Elizabeth Sanchez was born in Mexico. Her parents relocated her family of seven brothers and sisters to the United States when she was 16 years old. She attended High School in California where she learned English. After attending college she received several certificates in networking and computer information systems. She also managed her business as a computer consultant for several years. After getting married, her family moved to Indiana and eventually to Florida. Mrs. Sanchez has three children, David, Sarah and Izaiah. All 3 children attend Montessori World School.

Mrs. Sanchez learned about the Montessori philosophy through a friend and in 2005 she became part of the Montessori World School staff. As an aftercare and substitute teacher, the first thing she noticed was the harmony and peace in the classrooms. That is when she decided to enroll her daughter in the Sunflower Room. As part of her employment at Montessori World School, she has attended various seminars in child development, C.P.R and first aid training. Mrs. Sanchez is currently the information technology consultant and she will also be working with the Elementary I & II students developing such skills.

Mrs. Sanchez enjoys spending time with her 3 children. Her favorite pastime is to visit botanical gardens on Sunday afternoons. Some of her passions are gardening, cooking and invigorating morning exercises such as swimming, running and walking. Her vision is to one day having an organic farm where she will raise animals, and grow her own flowers and vegetables.