Danielle Hercules

Danniel's 2003 picture

MWS is proud to introduce you to our very first student who attended our Primary, Elementary I & II and Middle School graduating in June 2012.

Following are her responses to questions asked when she graduated Middle School.

Tell me a memorable experience you've had at MWS.

"My first fieldtrip to Epcot with my class."

Do you feel you've missed out on anything by staying at MWS?

"No, well, maybe sitting at a desk and being bored a lot."

How do you feel about MWS?

"I love this school!"

Danniel's 2012 picture How do you feel about your classmates?

"My classmates are awesome. I don't think I could ask for better."

How do you feel attending a Montessori school has helped you?

"Without Montessori I don't think I'd be able to learn the same way or have the understanding I do."

Tell me your feelings about your teachers.

"Awesome teachers."

If you could change one thing about the school what would it be?

"The fact that no one has lockers. I don't like cubbies."