Parent Volunteers

From the very beginning, parent interest, involvement, and support are guiding principles of the school and have formed the foundation. The Parent Volunteer Program provides a way for all of our children to benefit from the talents and interests abundant from our families. Each family is asked to contribute twelve (12) hours of volunteer time each year based upon the number of days their children are enrolled during the school year.

Whether sharing a professional skill, serving on a committee, or coordinating tasks to assist in the classroom, parent involvement is an essential element to the MWS community and a foundation that the school was built upon.

The Parent Volunteer Program's greatest benefit is providing a unique learning experience for our children, cultivating a real sense of community and giving parents the opportunity to work with teachers, meet other parents to become involved with the education process, while making a very real contribution to the school. When children see the adults in their lives active in their school, it shapes their perception of the importance of education and strengthens their school experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MWS Parent Volunteer Program

The Parent Volunteer Program builds on the sharing of skills, talents, and participation throughout the school community to meet the needs of our children and benefit school programs as a whole.

The Parent Volunteer Program at Montessori World School provides a way for all of our children to benefit from the unique interests, talents, and professional skills abundant in our parent population. Active involvement in the program is an excellent way to strengthen your partnership in your child's education while getting to know other families and making valuable contributions integral to the functioning of the school.

What is the time requirement for the Parent Volunteer Program?

Each family is responsible for twelve (12) volunteer hours during the school year.

Hours will be pro-rated for those families who enter MWS after the beginning of the school year and for those changing programs mid-year. Your yearly volunteer hours requirement begins September 1 and ends the Friday before the last week of school. (back to top)

Who can fulfill our family's Volunteer hours?

Although volunteer hours are not transferable from family to family, anyone in the family (aunt, grandparent, etc.) may assist in the completion of the time requirement. (back to top)

How will I know how many hours I've submitted?

Your volunteer hours will be tracked as you report them, and you will receive a mid-year statement of your completed hours to date in January. At the end of the school year, the Main Office will issue bills for incomplete hours. (back to top)

What types of participation are eligible for volunteer hours?

Volunteer hours may be reported for requests made through your child's teacher, room parent or any member of administration. Some examples of participation that may be reported for volunteer hours are:

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What types of participation are not eligible for volunteer hours?

Many valuable contributions of time and talents are made because parents wish to be supportive of their child's classroom activities and of the school in general. Some examples of participation that may not be reported for volunteer hours are:

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How do I determine the number of hours I report for a completed volunteer job?

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How do I find out about Parent Volunteer needs?

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When may I complete on-site volunteer jobs?

Parents may complete many volunteer jobs in the school during school hours or other hours when scheduled ahead of time. Important: If parents bring children into the school after hours, they must follow the same rule that applies to all employees of the school regarding child supervision: Children should never be left unsupervised in any area of the school at any time. (back to top)

Is it possible to fulfill my volunteer requirement from home?

Yes, many volunteer jobs, such as materials making and newsletters, may be done from your home. (back to top)

Volunteer hours must be reported on your family's Volunteer Report form, available in the Volunteer Log Book located on the podium in the Main Office. In order to receive volunteer credit for purchases, receipts must be attached to your form. (back to top)

What happens if I do not complete my volunteer hours requirement?

If you are unable to complete your family's volunteer requirement before the deadline, you will be billed for the hours not completed at the rate of $17 per hour. (back to top)

Who do I contact if I have questions about volunteer hours?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Parent Volunteer Program at MWS, please contact the Main Office. Parents are invited to make suggestions for participation. Your ideas are important to us! (back to top)