Located on approximately two acres, Montessori World School provides a wonderful physical environment to meet the educational needs of our children. Our school environment includes spacious classrooms, a fully equipped library, an enrichment room, a pavilion and gazebo, and three different play areas. Computers are available in all elementary classrooms and integrated into our “hands on” philosophy of learning.


Each classroom at Montessori World School is especially designed to meet the developmental needs of all of our children. Classrooms are carefully prepared learning environments, with opportunities for exploration and use of the senses. Each classroom is dynamic and meets the changing needs of each student. New materials and concepts are introduced frequently to encourage physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.


With thousands of titles to choose from, the school library offers a full selection of picture books, early readers, chapter books, fictional books, reference titles and various other resources. The library is open from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM on every school day. Each family has borrowing privileges and there is a large section on parenting topics and information on Montessori philosophies. Each student, from kindergarten through elementary has their own library card (kept in their classroom) and may borrow books for classroom or home use.