A Letter from the Head of School

Montessori World School has become a premier Montessori school in Orlando, Florida. We have done this by building an environment dedicated to the education and development of children. That is our specialty; it is our mission. Montessori World School values childhood as a time of innocence and discovery. Our curriculum, facilities and faculty are dedicated to providing children with a challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment without the complicated demands of a traditional school program. Maria Montessori said that “one becomes a well-balanced adult only if one has fully been a child.”

When you give your child the gift of experiencing Montessori World School you give your child the opportunity to grow in an environment that nurtures the spirit of the child, bringing us all one child closer to the world community that Maria Montessori envisioned. Your child experiences a school community where children are respected for their own unique gifts and grows in a community where the social curriculum and academic curriculum are equally important. Perhaps the greatest testimony to this work are the comments from future schools for our 8th grade alumni who are described as confident, well prepared, enthusiastic, independent thinkers who are active contributors at their future school communities.


W. Nora Yee